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Player Evaluator

alg_maine-reaction.jpgToday I will be evaluating what is considered the biggest weakness in the New York Mets, the starting rotation mainly Ollie Pelf and Maine. These three starters for the New York Mets have all shown glipses of greatness and potential during their time as Mets but their have been many things stopping them from reaching their true potential.large_mike-pelfrey402.jpg


PELFREY: Pelfrey had an outstanding 2008 and great begining of the 2009 season, until his infamous three balk game in San Fransico. Pelfrey went through a very
dissapointing and frustrating 2009. I dont know what it was but somewhere in the middle of the season he forgot how to pitch and got the yips. His sinker wasn’t sinking his slider wasn’t sliding and he couldn’t control a single pitch. At one point it got so bad that after getting yanked from a game at Coors Field in Denver he jogged around the parking lot in order to get the game off of his mind. In my opinion he was a subject of the Verducci Effect. The Verducci Effect happens to even the best putchers. An example is Justin Verlander. He had an awful season in 2008 and rebounded to Cy Young form in 2009. I expect a comeback like this from Mike Pelfrey next season.

Prediction 15-9 3.42 ERA

MAINE: Maine is one of the players who the saying ” Great when healthy” applies to. Its too bad he hasn’t been healthy since 2007 when he went 15-10 with a 3.33 ERA. At the end of last season when Maine recovered from his injury he showed glimpses of the 2007 John Maine. He was locating his fastball well and throwing good offspeed pitches. The “Maine Thing” ( pun intended) is for him to become more effective with his pitches. If he can stay healthy and work on becoming more effective I think Maine will have a solid year

Prediction 11-9 3.97 ERA

PEREZ: Now this one is the toughest. Oliver Perez is probably thr most nerve wracking and aggravating player to watch some days and other days he looks like Sandy Koufax. Oliver has shown he can be great like in 2007 and in 2004 with the Pirates but for some reason I get the feeling that hes not all there. I’ve heard from many people that Ollie is a nutjob. Well at least theres some good news, Oliver Perez went to a Training Facility in Arizona in order to get in shape for the 2010 season. I expect Ollie to bounce back from last year to somewhere like 2008 form.

Prediction 10-8 4.22 ERA


Ryan Cooke 

Good Luck To Matthew Mayer of Defensive Indifference

Today Matthew Mayer of our own Defensive Indifference tried out for the the lead on the SNY tv show ” Kids Clubhouse” best wishes to Matt and good luck.

Ryan Cooke

***** Update by Matt Grasso*******

While Matt was trying out, he made a couple of tweets about the situation:


Also, while speaking to Matt, I was told the following:

  •  He took a 5:52 Train into Penn Station
  • He had to say an excerpt to Chris Carlin and Kevin Burkhardt that he had to memorize. He finished that perfectly and then they interviewed him.
  • The SNY lady told him to wait there, and he was then interviewed for Geico Sportsnight
  • He mentioned Defensive Indifference in one interview.


I am DVRing the 10:00 Sportsnight and if Matt makes the show I will attempt to post his segment on Defensive Indifference.

We will keep you updated.

Down on The Farm

I will also be starting an article twice a week called “Down on The Farm” about
bradholt.jpg the Mets top minor league prospects. I will start this article by talking about Brad Holt. Brad Holt was taken in the first round in the 2008 draft for compensation of losing Tom Glavine to the Atlanta Braves. Since he has been drafted he has done nothing but impress. In 2008 in his first year out of college he put up a fantastic season going 5-3 with a 1.87 ERA and averaging 11.9 K’s per 9 innings. After getting promoted to St. Lucie last year he kept up the pace from last year on an offensive deprived team going 4-1 with a 3.12 ERA but struggled a little bit with injuries when he got promoted to the Mets AA team in Binghamton. There is no question that he has great stuff the only question is will he be a late innings reliever or a solid starter. In a couple of years I can see this situation turning into much like the Joba Chamberlain situation. I think he will start in AA and recover from his season plaguing injuries last year and put up some solid numbers. Some where in July I think he will get promoted to Buffalo and will end the season with a Spetember callup pitching out of the bullpen and spot starter.


ML Comparison: Javier Vazquez


Ryan Cooke

Player Evaluator

I am going to be starting a daily article called “Player Evaluator” where i will be evaluating a player and predict what they will do and more for next year. The player that I will begin this section with is Jeff Francoeur also known as Frenchie and yes just incase you are wondering that is a picture of me with my Jeff Francoeur jersey ( yes I do own one). In my opinion I can
Ryans Camera.jpgsee Jeff Francoeur having a huge year next year in his first season as a New York Met. For some reason I have a feeling that he will be a Met for a long time along with Jason Bay and Carlos Beltran. I get the feeling that the organization likes Jeff Francoeur and the grittiness he brings to this team. Whenever I watch him play he is smiling he has quickly developed into one of my and from what I understand, most Mets fans favorite players. He had some pretty great numbers with the Mets for only about 70 games. During his 72 games of patroling Right Field for the Mets he hit .311, 10 HRs with 41 RBIS which translates to about 23 HRs and 92 RBIs if he can keep up the production he had on the Mets he will be a very great addition to our favorite ballteam.

Also from what I saw he was a great addition to the Clubhouse. He was a guy that the reporters went to besides David Wright and somebody David Wright seemed friendly with which hasn’t happened since 2006 with Cliff Floyd and Paul LoDuca. I think Jeff Francoeur is a great influence on David Wright and the rest of the ballteam with his infectious gritty personality.

I also think he would do some damage with Jose Reyes David Wright Carlos Beltran Jason Bay and potentially Carlos Delgado all batting ahead of him

MY PREDICTION .283 22 Hrs 81 Rbis

If I were Omar Minaya

Well first off I wouldn’t use the word investigation about 14 ( yes I did count) times in one conference and in the same conference saying Adam Rubin ” Has lobby for front office”. In all seriousness I believe that the New York Mets are one offseason away from a title.
omar-minaya1.jpgThey have a very talented core of players with homegrown players like Wright and Reyes and some great acquired talent in Santana, Beltran and the newly introduced Jason Bay. They also have some players who are what every great team needs some very good, not great complimentary players like Jeff Francoeur and Luis Castillo (even though he dropped the pop-up). I believe that by the end of the offseason they will add 4 more solid complementary players in Joel Pinero, Bronson Arroyo, Carlos Delgado and John Smoltz ( just to stick it to the Braves). For this season i predict somewhere around 85-94 wins very solid but not eyepopping. I expect a MONSTER season for the Mets in the year 2011.

I think that the 2011 New York Mets will look something like

SS- Jose Reyes

2nd- Reese Havens

3rd Dwright

CF Carlos Beltran

LF Jason Bay

RF Frenchie

1b Ike Davis ( for those who know me know i have a BIG mancrush on Ike)

C- Bengie Molina

I think the Mets annual big signing for the year 2011 will be Matt Cain. Hate him or not the kid has nasty stuff. I seriously doubt the Giants will have money to retain him considering all of the money Zito is still due and Lincecum will be making in arbitration. With the Yankees with CC and AJ and the Bosox with Beckett ( will most likely resign ) Lester and Dice K I can’t see him going to either of them. I also think the Yankees and Red Sox will both be going after Mauer and Crawford with Mauer going to Beantown and Crawford to the Bronx. If the Mets sign Matt Cain and keep the core of players that they currently have, they could bring something Queens hasn’t seen in 25 years, a ring.


Ryan Cooke


Personally, I don’t like Matt Cain. I will never forgive him for beaning David Wright. OK, maybe the pitch wasn’t supposed to hit him, but HOW DARE HE tip his cap to booing fans at Citi Field (who may I point out, had just seen their future, their all star, their franchise, their last good healthy regular player, fall to the ground.)? Please, GM of 2011 (probobly John Ricco, Billy Beane, or someone else), DO NOT SIGN MATT CAIN! If you do, I can guarentee you that you will be in THIS writer’s Dog House.  (Although, I would like to see how him and Wright can co-exist.)



5 Tool Prospect….

Whenever you are reading about a prospect the term ” Five Tool Player’ and ” Future Star” are thrown around very loosly. As a Met fan I should know this very well. During the Met’s history they have had many 5 Tool Prospects, Future Stars and ” The next….” but many things from injuries or just lack of talent in the Bigs ( or if you’re Lastings Milledge using some vulgar language in a rap video can get you traded)


1. Generation K- Whenever you talk about overated prospects for the New York Mets or for all of baseball they name Generation K is brought up. Generation K is the nickname given to a trio of what seemed to be future aces. There was Jason Isringhausen, Bill Pulsipher and Paul Wilson. This trio of pitchers was supposed to compete and possibly be better than the Atlanta Braves rotation which consisted of 3 future Hall of Famers in Maddux, Smoltz and Glavine.
generation-K.jpg Paul Wilson much like Mark Prior fell to bad mechanics and injuries. It is sad that a pitcher with such potential is remembered for being took to the ground by Kyle Farnsworth.

Jason Isringhausen also fell to the injury bug and was never the same effective starter he was early in his career. Of course after the Mets traded him he becomes a star closer.

And then theres Bill Pulsipher ( ughh) was also injured and on the side suffered from depression issues (would only happen to the Mets Right??) but did pitch for the Long Island Ducks and did fairly well.

2. Lastings Milledge- L-Millz overated prospect by day, rapper by night. I was alive and a Mets fan when he was coming through the system so this one hurts the most to write. He was called up at 21 years old, same as Darryl Strawberry. This was not the only thing he was supposed to have in common with the Straw Man, like Straw he was blessed with natural speed and power. Like Straw, Lmillz also had a knack for getting in trouble off of the baseball field. Lmillz’ most infamous moment as a New York Met is most likely his rap which included expletive words that i cannot post on this blog. My favorite moment of the overated outfielder would have to be when he hit a game tying homer off of former fan favorite ( NOT) Armando Binetez for his first major league homerun. The fact that the homerun tied the game was not the reason that was my favorite LMillz moment, it was because he ran up the Right Field line at Shea Stadium and high fived the fans. Though I thought this was great Billy Wagner wasn’t too thrilled and Mr. Milledge got traded to the Nats for Brian Schneider and Ryan Church.


Lets hope our current future stars like , Ike Davis, Fmart, Wilmer Flores and Jenry Mejia won’t fall into this catagory of overated prospects like Lmillz and Generation K. Lets hope when we are talking about them in about 20 years we will be talking about them as some of the best to ever wear the orange and blue.


Ryan Cooke

New Home…. Sorta




Dear (possible) Readers,


Our blog is only 3 days old and yet we are already getting some really good reviews from people ranging from family and friends to actualy Mets and baseball insiders. Taking that into consideration, we have purchased a Go Daddy. com Domain name. It is currently being processed, but according to various websites, that could take anywhere from 1-78 hour window. This is because in an effort to save time and not have to transfer all of our posts, we are redirecting the page to our page.

Currently, as you know, we are located at www.ryancooke.mlblogs.com.

If all goes as planned, we will be now located at www.defensiveindifference.com.


So from all of us here at Defensive Indifference, thank you and keep reading. Tell your friends, tell people you don’t know, and spread the word.

We will leave you with this though


Thank you,

Defensive Indifference team

Ryan Cooke, Matt Grasso, and Matthew Mayer