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Just realized, hes gone, what a relief!

aaron heilman.jpgAll the nonsense and injuries that plagued the Mets last season allowed me to forget about the horrid pitcher that plagued our team alone in 2008; Aaron Heilman. Recently, in seeing his name mentioned in a trade to the Diamondbacks, I began to think of how much hell this man put the Mets through on and off the field. It all began with his outrageous desire to be a starting pitcher. Obviously, the Mets didn’t think he was suited for the role, quite frankly, I don’t think hes suited for any pitching role. Aside the malarchy Heilman plagued the Mets clubhouse and coaching staff with, he was, as a fan, disgraceful to watch on a regular basis. I remember, time after time, seeing Heilman come in, and waiting for him to blow the game. It was a sickening feeling. As a sports fan, you should not have to worry when your manager brings a pitcher in. I almost threw up when I witnessed him give up the homerun to Molina, and I was ready to dump him there. The Mets kept him on the roster, and he blew something like 9 games in 2008. It is even more annoying to sit here and think that we missed the playoffs by just ONE of those 9 games, he blew.

      So I end my post with this; the Mets have made some pretty good moves, and some pretty bad moves in the past few years. Some may be argued to be positive and negative, but I’m sure there is one move that Met fans will all agree with eachother on. That is, the dumping of Aaron “thanks for blowing our 2006 season” Heilman to the Mariners for another useless Met setup man J.J. Putz. Seattle then sent him to the Cubs in time for him to plague a different National League team with his problems.


Post by: Matt Mayer

Francesa suspects news to brew, but has none yet.

francesa.jpgIn a discussion with a friend close to Mike Francesa, I learned today that their is no actual news Francesa is hiding from the public like what he did with the Jason Bay instance. However, I do not have knowledge of whether Francesa has knowledge of a possible signing or trade that will be taking place soon. All I know is that he has no definite deals in his head as of right now.

Now, lets just hope for the Mets sake that there is some news to be reported soon. If any at all, I expect that a deal between the Mets and Bengie Molina is being worked out. I hope that the Mets will take a closer look at signing Ben Sheets, because his upside is tremendous. I’d look for the Mets to sign him to a 1 year 12 million dollar deal with plenty of incentives.

Post by Matthew Mayer

What the Mets still need to do before Spring Training

     glue.jpg As we all know, the mets just satisfied a bit of our off-season hunger in the 66 million dollar signing of Left Fielder Jason Bay. Although that signing was huge, it was not the answer to our problems. The time now is crucial for Omar Minaya and the rest of the Mets front office. The Mets rotation currently consists of Johan Santana, John Maine, Mike Pelfrey, Oliver Perez and a fifth starter we assume to be a Jon Niese or a Fernando Nieve. 

      If you look in depth at the past world series champions, like the Yankees, you realize that the championships were won by their acquisitions of ace pitchers like C.C. and Burnett….Obviously the Mets aren’t going to go out and sign another Cy Young this year, but they need to get somebody. They need someone who can go out there every five days and give them more than a chance to win. I’m not talking about a Livan Hernandez. I am talking more along the lines of free agent pitchers like Garland, Sheets, Wang and Piniero.
     Something the Mets are doing right now that is worrying me is waiting for Bengie Molina. Obviously this guy wants three years and the Mets are not willing to give that to the guy called Molasses. The Mets do need a catcher, but they need to acquire a quality starter first, then go after Bengie or try a trade for a catcher. 
     Before I noted that the Mets had already addressed their offense this season signing J-Bay. However, i did not note that the Mets did a pretty good job addressing their bullpen as well. The Mets signed Japanese pitcher Ryota Igarashi who from what I seen has great ability and should fit in well with the club. They also signed Kelvim Escobar who was a very successful starter for the LA Angels. Heres my view on Escobar: The dude has pretty good stuff and obviously hes coming off injury, but considering we got him fairly cheap, why dont we just let this guy compete for a starting job in spring training if talks with a pitcher dont work out. I like the signing of Escobar because it sures up the pen as well as provides us another option at starting pitching.
     One re-signing I absolutely love about this offseason is the signing of Elmer Dessens. I absolutely love this guy. I call Elmer the “glue” in the Mets bullpen. The guy came in all the time at the end of last season with a beaten down team and still did a heck of a good job. Now, we put this guy in a quality pen with a quality team? Hes going to be solid for us.
And heres what I hope to see the Mets opening day roster look like:
Starting Rotation:
1. Johan Santana
2. Ben Sheets/Chien-Ming Wang
3. John Maine
4. Mike Pelfrey
5. Oliver Perez
1. Jose Reyes -SS (looking for a big year out of him)
2. Luis Castillo -2B (get on this guys side, he’ll play well with pieces around him)
3. David Wright -3B (after struggling last year, hitting in front of bay will shoot up his stats)
4. Jason Bay -LF (lets look for him to continue his sucess)
5. Carlos Beltran -CF (hoping he has the season he was having last year before he got hurt)
6. Jeff Francoeur -RF (expecting this guy to breakout this year)
7. Daniel Murphy -1B (with a definite position, he’ll find time to work on hitting more)
8. Bengie Molina & Henry Blanco -C (the weight of these two combined is 450lbs, oh boy)
Main Bullpen
Francisco Rodriguez -Closer
Ryota Igarashi – Set up man
Pedro Feliciano – Middle Reliever
Bobby Parnell – Middle Reliever
Brian Stokes – Middle Reliever
Elmer Dessens – The Glue
Kelvim Escobar – Long Man and Spot Starter
So thats how I hope my Metsys look out on the diamond at Citi Field next year, now will they actually look like that, probably not, but thats my aspect.
post by: Matthew Mayer