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Could Chapman signing spark a deal?

cha.jpgToday, Cuban defector Aroldis Chapman signed a 30 million deal for 3 years with the Cinncinati Reds. My point to be made here is, the Reds have been looking to dump massive salary in order to sign more players in the upcoming offseason. Now, they go out and sign a pitcher for 30 million? I believe, the Reds must have a deal out on the table with another team in order to dump salaries of either Harange or Arroyo as well as 2nd basemen Brandon Phillips. In a perfect world, I see this happening:

       The Reds, Mets and Cubs all get involved in a 3 team trade. In this trade, Luis Castillo is sent to the Reds, and a prospect from the Mets is sent to the Cubs. The Cubs then receive Brandon Phillips from the Reds, as well as hand over a prospect to the Mets. To finish up the trade, Aaron Harang, or Bronson Arroyo is sent to the Mets. Oh how sweet that’d be


Post by Matthew Mayer

Had a blast at the SNY Studios

kids clubhouse.jpg Hey everyone, just wanted to give everyone a little run down of how my day went yesterday and what the kids clubhouse casting call was like at the SNY studios. Well, first off, i woke up at 4 o clock in the morning (probably the only bad part of the day). Jumped on a train, and got into the city around 615. After arriving into the city, I proceeded to grab a quick snack and head to the SNY studios.

       Shortly after arriving at the studios, I realized there was virtually no one there, and that I had gotten up a little too early. However, I was the 7th person on line, so there are far more crazier people than I. I waited in the silence of the cold until a few SNY employees passed out some forms that I had to fill out; basically your typical, can we show you on tv?, what kind of experience do you have? and blah blah blah. I got all those filled out, then noticed a script sheet on the bottom of the pile of forms. It read something along the lines of this ” Hi, I’m _______ and your watching kids clubhouse. Welcome back to kids clubhouse. Ever wonder how the grass stays so green at Citi Field? Well, we hung out with the grounds crew to see just what goes on to keep the field looking this great before every game. Come on!” (actually, thats exactly what the script read). I had to memorize that, and shortly after, Mr. Met comes running out with his own personal camera crew. Sure enough, the crowds cheering Lets Go Mets! in a matter of seconds.

        I waited in the blistering cold for about another hour until they finally let me in at around 915. I was the first of my group to go, so i walked right into the main studio where almost every SNY show is filmed. There sat Kevin Burkhardt, Chris Carlin and another woman who I wasn’t familiar with. They made me stand on a marker and read my memorized lines. I got it on the first try and Burkhardt proceeded with “Wow, he got it on the first try, nice job!” After that, came the interview. Numerous questions about my prior experience and my being a Met fan were asked, I handled each and everyone of them as if Grasso was asking me in Spanish class. They all seemed extremely impressed with my answers and they actually were having conversations with me. It was amazing.

       When it came time for the next participant to go, I was stopped by an SNY producer who said “Your name is Matt right?” I of course nodded my head, then she replied with, “Could you please do an exit interview with the crew from SNY?” I agreed and followed her back into the cold where the camera man and interviewer were waiting. They asked me basically the same things Burkhardt and Carlin did but I did however get a blog mention in as well as a few shots of my Go Big Pelf shirt. That interview was the cherry on the cake for my day (and it was only 930am). I am really greatful for the oppurtunity that SNY gave me to do this casting call, and I have high hopes to possibly land this job. Like I told Carlin and Burkhardt in the studio, “I will be here someday, just depends on when someone gives me a job.”


Post by: Matt Mayer

Stay away from Lowell

    120909_lowell.jpg Recently, on a post on Metsblog.com, I learned that the Mets are exploring the possibility of a trade that would send Luis Castillo to the Red Sox for Mike Lowell. Also in the post, it states that in Lowell’s career he has only played Second and Third Base…….

     Doesn’t this just happen to light a spark in your head that says STAY AWAY? We are already dealing with an inexperienced first basemen that is still attempting to learn the position. We do not need an almost 35 year old, INJURED, Red Sock being traded over to our team, even if that means we’d dump Castillo.
     Another thing that was killing me about this idea was the fact that Lowell is still owed 12 million for next year. Luis Castillo is owed that over the next two, and even if the Red Sox paid 3 million of that money, the Mets still should avoid Lowell.
     If the Mets are really concentrated on dumping Luis Castillo, they should look elsewhere. I’d suggest somewhere with a starter we can get in exchange or maybe even a NATURAL first basemen that can mentor Murph. I only believe Lowell is another problem that this team does not need, not to mention he is very vunerable to an injury which the Mets need to stay away from this year.
     If Lowell is ever to be discussed in a Mets trade, I sure do hope it is a three way trade that dumps Luis out of here and sends Lowell somewhere else. I highly doubt that is going to happen, but its great to think about. I dont think we can find a third partner for that trade to happen, but who knows, Omar may have something up his sleeve.
Post by Matthew Mayer

Jason Bay and the New York Mets

     According to Jon Heyman of Sports Illustrated, Jason Bay will be taking his physical for the New York Mets tomorrow.bay.jpg

    Oh boy, here we go. You may wonder why I’m so nervous. That is because the physical is the only thing standing in our way of an all-star left fielder. Although the AMAZIN’ Mets Medical Staff (sarcasm much?) says that Jason Bay should be in the clear, i think us Met fans have much to worry about. The Boston Red Sox were very worried with Jason Bay due to some weakness in his shoulders. Maybe this is why they didn’t up their offer?, just an idea, probably not but maybe.  From going through all this heartbreak the past few years of the Metsys I just am so worried of a faulty physical. In all likelihood, the physical will go fine and Bay will be a Met, but after going through these past three seasons plus the 06′ post season, I feel like bad luck has been striking the Mets at will. This post is just an expression of my worries, so not much need to fret people.

posted by Matt Mayer