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Jason Bay and the New York Mets

     According to Jon Heyman of Sports Illustrated, Jason Bay will be taking his physical for the New York Mets tomorrow.bay.jpg

    Oh boy, here we go. You may wonder why I’m so nervous. That is because the physical is the only thing standing in our way of an all-star left fielder. Although the AMAZIN’ Mets Medical Staff (sarcasm much?) says that Jason Bay should be in the clear, i think us Met fans have much to worry about. The Boston Red Sox were very worried with Jason Bay due to some weakness in his shoulders. Maybe this is why they didn’t up their offer?, just an idea, probably not but maybe.  From going through all this heartbreak the past few years of the Metsys I just am so worried of a faulty physical. In all likelihood, the physical will go fine and Bay will be a Met, but after going through these past three seasons plus the 06′ post season, I feel like bad luck has been striking the Mets at will. This post is just an expression of my worries, so not much need to fret people.

posted by Matt Mayer