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5 Tool Prospect….

Whenever you are reading about a prospect the term ” Five Tool Player’ and ” Future Star” are thrown around very loosly. As a Met fan I should know this very well. During the Met’s history they have had many 5 Tool Prospects, Future Stars and ” The next….” but many things from injuries or just lack of talent in the Bigs ( or if you’re Lastings Milledge using some vulgar language in a rap video can get you traded)


1. Generation K- Whenever you talk about overated prospects for the New York Mets or for all of baseball they name Generation K is brought up. Generation K is the nickname given to a trio of what seemed to be future aces. There was Jason Isringhausen, Bill Pulsipher and Paul Wilson. This trio of pitchers was supposed to compete and possibly be better than the Atlanta Braves rotation which consisted of 3 future Hall of Famers in Maddux, Smoltz and Glavine.
generation-K.jpg Paul Wilson much like Mark Prior fell to bad mechanics and injuries. It is sad that a pitcher with such potential is remembered for being took to the ground by Kyle Farnsworth.

Jason Isringhausen also fell to the injury bug and was never the same effective starter he was early in his career. Of course after the Mets traded him he becomes a star closer.

And then theres Bill Pulsipher ( ughh) was also injured and on the side suffered from depression issues (would only happen to the Mets Right??) but did pitch for the Long Island Ducks and did fairly well.

2. Lastings Milledge- L-Millz overated prospect by day, rapper by night. I was alive and a Mets fan when he was coming through the system so this one hurts the most to write. He was called up at 21 years old, same as Darryl Strawberry. This was not the only thing he was supposed to have in common with the Straw Man, like Straw he was blessed with natural speed and power. Like Straw, Lmillz also had a knack for getting in trouble off of the baseball field. Lmillz’ most infamous moment as a New York Met is most likely his rap which included expletive words that i cannot post on this blog. My favorite moment of the overated outfielder would have to be when he hit a game tying homer off of former fan favorite ( NOT) Armando Binetez for his first major league homerun. The fact that the homerun tied the game was not the reason that was my favorite LMillz moment, it was because he ran up the Right Field line at Shea Stadium and high fived the fans. Though I thought this was great Billy Wagner wasn’t too thrilled and Mr. Milledge got traded to the Nats for Brian Schneider and Ryan Church.


Lets hope our current future stars like , Ike Davis, Fmart, Wilmer Flores and Jenry Mejia won’t fall into this catagory of overated prospects like Lmillz and Generation K. Lets hope when we are talking about them in about 20 years we will be talking about them as some of the best to ever wear the orange and blue.


Ryan Cooke