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Mets Unveil Bay

jbay.jpgToday, at Citi Field, the Mets unveiled new Left Fielder Jason Bay. After Bay made an opening remark, Rod Gilbert, a New York Rangers Hall of Famer presented Bay with a New York Rangers “Bay” number 44 Jersey (Two Times Bobby Orr, as Gilbert said.) Here are some quotes from Bay.

  • “There was a short-list of teams that I wanted to go to and the New York Mets were on that list.”
  • “[Citi Field] had zero factor in any of my decisions.”
  • “I’m by no means Tori Hunter out there.”
  • “Since after the Winter Meetings there wasn’t a 48 hour window where we didn’t talk… They were very persistant.”
  • “We actually agreed in principal before Christmas.”
  • “I heard about [Peter Gammons’s Statement that Bay would rather play in Beruit than Queens]….no one knew my oppinion on anything except my family and agent…. it couldn’t be farther from the truth.”
  • “I actually never hurt my shoulder… I had surgery on it in 2003 and it’s been great ever since. It’s just another one of those things that kinda took on a life of it’s own. No concerns ever.”

Omar Minaya went on to say that “There is never a day that goes by that we don’t look at improving our pitchers.”

After the press conference Bay spoke with Kevin Burkhardt of SNY.

  • “Right from the get-go they were the team that showed the most interest”
  • “If this wasn’t the place that I wanted to be, then I wouldn’t be here.”
  • “During the season last year I spent a lot of time on the back of the plane talking to Billy Wagner and his thoughts on [The Mets], Xavier Nady loved [his time here], and I had a conversation with Alex Cora.”
  • “Everyone said that they are a first class organization and i figured that out over the last 2 days.”
  • “The park size was never a factor in anything.”
  • “I don’t consider myself a home run hitter…. I pride myself in driving in runs.”
  • “If they want to hit me ninth, then hit me ninth.”

Written and Complied by Matt Grasso

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Francesa’s News

Today, Mike Francesa said at the top of his show, “I think you’ll be getting some more Mets news here later in the week, but we’ll get to that later in the show… Jason Bay press conference is tomorrow, but there’s more to come.”

Now, at almost 6:30, he finally explains his “news.” 

“Tomorrow…. we will have Omar Minaya with me, Bay with me, and [possibly] Jeff Wilpon….”

So, thank you Mike. I spent all afternoon listening to your show because you promised us Mets news. And did you give us news? No. Instead, I was lectured on how the Jets will lose on Saturday (because the Sports Pope says so). I witnessed Francesa constantly cut off callers midsentence.

Please Mad Dog, come back.


Written by Matt Grasso 

Mike Francessa with MORE NEWS???

Today Mike Francessa started his radio show by saying “I think you’ll be getting some more Mets news here later in the week, but we’ll get to that later in the show.” Last time he said that we ended up signing The Canadian Hammer,Jay-Bay or any other corny nickname Michael Kay would have over-used.

Which leaves me wondering, WHAT IS THIS NEWS??? I believe that it either has to do with a trade for either Bronson Arroyo or Carlos Zambrano OR a signing of Joel Pinero. I believe that we are one solid starting pitcher away from the playoffs granted they don’t start dropping like flies again.

Then again it could be bengie molina who has a higher weight than OBP 


Ryan Cooke

Jason Bay and the New York Mets

     According to Jon Heyman of Sports Illustrated, Jason Bay will be taking his physical for the New York Mets tomorrow.bay.jpg

    Oh boy, here we go. You may wonder why I’m so nervous. That is because the physical is the only thing standing in our way of an all-star left fielder. Although the AMAZIN’ Mets Medical Staff (sarcasm much?) says that Jason Bay should be in the clear, i think us Met fans have much to worry about. The Boston Red Sox were very worried with Jason Bay due to some weakness in his shoulders. Maybe this is why they didn’t up their offer?, just an idea, probably not but maybe.  From going through all this heartbreak the past few years of the Metsys I just am so worried of a faulty physical. In all likelihood, the physical will go fine and Bay will be a Met, but after going through these past three seasons plus the 06′ post season, I feel like bad luck has been striking the Mets at will. This post is just an expression of my worries, so not much need to fret people.

posted by Matt Mayer

Building The Team


Unfortunately, I am probably the most pessimistic contributor to Defensive Indifference. I do think it’s more realism than pessimism, but I love this team nonetheless. This offseason has really bothered me.

Since 1966 (and winning the Tom Seaver Lottery), the Mets have built their team around pitching. The 1969 team won the World Series not because of hitting; they won it because they could pitch. Tom Seaver, Jerry Koosman, Gary Gentry, Nolan Ryan, Don Cardwell would go out there and win. When every team was bad, they always had good pitching.

The 1986 team was missing one last piece from 1985. What was that piece? Bob Ojeda. A Pitcher. Now, yes, the team could hit the ball too, but they had a rotation that some could compare to 1969.

But in recent years, the Mets have turned away from that. They have been more concerned with getting hitters than pitchers. They go out and build a stadium that caused the leading home run hitter on the team to be Daniel Murphy with TWELVE. That’s the perfect place for a pitcher right? They should go out and get a pitcher? No, they get Jason Bay.

I like the Bay signing, but, is he fit for the stadium? I think Angel Pagan was a perfect fit for Citi Field. Instead, pitchers are getting signed left and right now. And where are the Mets? I think this goes back to Omar Minaya. He has to focus on one thing at a time. That’s fine, but there’s a reason why he has assistants. Let John Ricco find a pitcher, be it through trade or free agency. Ricco did a great job orchestrating the Francoeur trade.

It will be tough for this team to go into the season with just Johan and then Pelfrey, Perez, Maine, and Jon Niese.  FOUR question marks. 

For a team with a history of pitching, how can you even compare this staff to that of ’69, ’73, and even ’86?


Written By-Matt Grasso