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Francesa suspects news to brew, but has none yet.

francesa.jpgIn a discussion with a friend close to Mike Francesa, I learned today that their is no actual news Francesa is hiding from the public like what he did with the Jason Bay instance. However, I do not have knowledge of whether Francesa has knowledge of a possible signing or trade that will be taking place soon. All I know is that he has no definite deals in his head as of right now.

Now, lets just hope for the Mets sake that there is some news to be reported soon. If any at all, I expect that a deal between the Mets and Bengie Molina is being worked out. I hope that the Mets will take a closer look at signing Ben Sheets, because his upside is tremendous. I’d look for the Mets to sign him to a 1 year 12 million dollar deal with plenty of incentives.

Post by Matthew Mayer