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Could Chapman signing spark a deal?

cha.jpgToday, Cuban defector Aroldis Chapman signed a 30 million deal for 3 years with the Cinncinati Reds. My point to be made here is, the Reds have been looking to dump massive salary in order to sign more players in the upcoming offseason. Now, they go out and sign a pitcher for 30 million? I believe, the Reds must have a deal out on the table with another team in order to dump salaries of either Harange or Arroyo as well as 2nd basemen Brandon Phillips. In a perfect world, I see this happening:

       The Reds, Mets and Cubs all get involved in a 3 team trade. In this trade, Luis Castillo is sent to the Reds, and a prospect from the Mets is sent to the Cubs. The Cubs then receive Brandon Phillips from the Reds, as well as hand over a prospect to the Mets. To finish up the trade, Aaron Harang, or Bronson Arroyo is sent to the Mets. Oh how sweet that’d be


Post by Matthew Mayer