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The Ulti-Met World Series (Game 3)

With the series tied, Game Three begins….. 


GAME THREE (1969 Shea)

Bob Ojeda vs Gary Gentry


After an off day yesterday, The Ulti-Met World Series continues in 1969 blue and orange tiles Shea with Bob Ojeda squaring off with Gary Gentry. The action begins in the top of the second where the clean-up hitter, Gary Carter, singles. Darryl Strawberry is the next batter. Gentry gets ahead of him 0-2, but Straw fouls off three pitches and takes two balls, Straw takes the 2-2 pitch into left field, over Cleon Jones’s head. Two-run Homer, 2-0 86’ers. The bottom of the 2nd begins with an answer from the Miracle Mets. The number five hitter is Ed Kranepool. He takes a Ojeda fastball over the right field wall. 2-1 1986 Mets. The two pitchers trade zeros until the sixth inning. Mookie Wilson leads off the inning with a slow roller to third. Ed Charles comes in to field it, but has to pocket the ball as Wilson is already at first. Rafael Santana is the next batter. Gentry quickly takes care of him and Ojeda bunts Wilson over to second. Dykstra is the man up. He slaps a ball into left field. Not enough for Mookie to score though. With runners on 1st and 3rd, Wally Backman singles in Wilson, 3-1, 1986. Keith Hernandez is the next hitter and Gil Hodges gets his bull pen warm. Nolan Ryan has been warming up and it looks like this could be Gentry’s last batter. Keith takes a 0-2 pitch up the middle, driving in Dykstra. Hodges puts in Nolan Ryan to pitch to Gary Carter. Ryan walks Carter on 4 pitches and Strawberry is up with the bases loaded. He singles up the middle driving in Backman. Mookie Wilson, the man who led off this inning, strikes out on three pitches to end it too. The score remains 5-1 until the 8th. Davey Johnson pulls Ojeda after seven innings. With a four-run lead, Davey brings in Doug Sisk. Sisk gives up a lead-off double to Cleon Jones, followed by a single to Ed Kranepool. Jones scores, 5-2. The next batter is Art Shamsky. He takes a Sisk change-up into deep center for a two run homer. 5-4. Jesse Orosco is brought in and he quickly shuts the door on the inning one-two-three. The top of the ninth begins with a solo shot by Gary Carter off of new pitcher, Ron Taylor. That’s all the runs the 86’ers would need as Orosco goes back out there, and nails them down for the save.


Winner: 1986 Mets (6-4)

Winning Pitcher: Bob Ojeda

Losing Pitcher: Gary Gentry

Save: Jesse Orosco

HR: 1986: Strawberry- 2nd inning off Gentry (2)

                Carter- 9th inning off Taylor (1) 

       1969: Kranepool- 2nd Inning off Ojeda (2)

                Shamsky- 8th inning off Sisk (1) 

Series- 2-1 1986 New York Mets 

Written By Matt Grasso 

The Ulti-Met World Series (Game 2)

With the 1969 Mets winning game one, Game Two begins….. 


GAME TWO (1986 Shea)

Jerry Koosman vs Ron Darling

Game Two starts off with Ron Darling giving up a leadoff double to Tommie Agee. Wayne Garrett strikes out and the next batter is Cleon Jones who works out a walk. With runners on first and second, Darling gets Donn Clendenon to ground into a double play working his way out of trouble. The next five innings go by quietly as Darling settles down and Koosman is able to keep the 86’ers at bay. In the bottom of the sixth, Keith Hernandez takes a Koosman fastball the opposite way for a single. Gary Carter is the next batter, and he splits the outfielders and lines a double into right-center field. Hernandez has to hold at third as Agee catches up to the ball. Darryl Strawberry is up now and he hits one deep to right field. Ron Swoboda catches the ball at the warning track but Hernandez tags up and scores. 1-0 ’86. After striking out  Mookie Wilson, Koosman walks Ray Knight. With runners on corners and two out, Gil Hodges comes out of the dugout to give his starter a quick break. The eight hitter is Rafael Santana and Koosman is coming right after him. After getting in front of Santana 0-2, Koosman quickly falls behind 3-2. He then throws a changeup low and away. Strike Three. Inning over. In the top of the seventh, Darling begins to tire and walks the first two batters. Davey Johnson consults with Mel Stottlemyre and they decide to pull Darling. Ronny leaves the mound to a standing ovation from the 1986 Shea Faithful. Rick Aguilera enters the game and gets Bud Harrelson to ground into a 6-3 double play. With a man on second and two out, Hodges pinch hits for Koosman with Art Shamsky, who strikes out on four pitches.  Pinch hitter Kevin Mitchell leads off the bottom of the seventh with a pop out to third baseman Wayne Garrett. Lenny Dykstra is the Centerfielder and next batter. Nolan Ryan, who came out of the bullpen to relieve Koosman at the beginning of the half inning hangs a slider up and away and Dykstra takes advantage of it. Swoboda chases back but there is no chance. Home Run. Dykstra who only hit 8 homers in 1986 took the ball 20 feet over the right field wall. 2-0 ’86. That was all the scoring that was needed. McDowell came in to close out the game and the series was even at one. With an off day tomorrow, the Ulti-Met World Series continues on Thursday with Game 3 at 1969 Shea (Orange and Blue Tiles along the outer wall of the stadium and all.)


Winner: 1986 Mets (2-0)

Winning Pitcher: Rick Aguilera

Losing Pitcher: Nolan Ryan

Save: Roger McDowell

HR: 1986: Dykstra- 7th inning off Ryan (1) 

Series- 1-1 

Written By Matt Grasso

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The Ulti-Met World Series (Game 1)

I wondered who would win in a Best-Of-Seven World Series: the 1969 Mets or the 1986 Mets. I decided to play this series out in my head. 

Home Field Advantage was decided by a coin-toss.

Without further delay…..

GAME ONE (1986 Shea)

Tom Seaver vs Dwight Gooden

Game One started off with two of the all time great Met pitchers matching zeros through the first 4 innings. In the top of the 5th, Gooden gives up a lead-off double to Tommie Agee. Wayne Garrett strikes out swinging. Cleon Jones comes up to bat a hits a line drive past the thrid base bag. Agee scores after Mookie Wilson comes up firing, holding Jones to a single. The game continued to be 1-0 until the bottom of the 8th. With the heart of the lineup leading off, Keith Hernandez draws a walk. The next batter is Darryl Strawberry. The Seaver fastball on a 1-1 count is driven deep over the right field wall. 2-1 is the score now, and Davey Johnson brings in his Righty Specialist Closer Roger McDowell to face the 6,7,8 in the ’69 order. After Donn Clendenon flys out to Lenny Dykstra, McDowell walks Jerry Grote on five pitches. Bud Harrelson strikes out, and with two outs in a 2-1 ball game, Gil Hodges decides to pinch hit for Seaver with Ed Kranepool. McDowell hangs a 3-2 slider and Kranepool rockets one to left field. Mookie chases it back, but to no avail. 3-2 game in the bottom of the 9th. Tug McGraw comes in an gets the 86’ers in order.

Winner: 1969 Mets (3-2)

Winning Pitcher: Tom Seaver

Losing Pitcher: Roger McDowell

Save: Tug McGraw

HR: 1969: Kranepool- 9th inning off McDowell (1)

       1986: Strawberry- 8th inning off Seaver (1)  

Written By Matt Grasso

Building The Team


Unfortunately, I am probably the most pessimistic contributor to Defensive Indifference. I do think it’s more realism than pessimism, but I love this team nonetheless. This offseason has really bothered me.

Since 1966 (and winning the Tom Seaver Lottery), the Mets have built their team around pitching. The 1969 team won the World Series not because of hitting; they won it because they could pitch. Tom Seaver, Jerry Koosman, Gary Gentry, Nolan Ryan, Don Cardwell would go out there and win. When every team was bad, they always had good pitching.

The 1986 team was missing one last piece from 1985. What was that piece? Bob Ojeda. A Pitcher. Now, yes, the team could hit the ball too, but they had a rotation that some could compare to 1969.

But in recent years, the Mets have turned away from that. They have been more concerned with getting hitters than pitchers. They go out and build a stadium that caused the leading home run hitter on the team to be Daniel Murphy with TWELVE. That’s the perfect place for a pitcher right? They should go out and get a pitcher? No, they get Jason Bay.

I like the Bay signing, but, is he fit for the stadium? I think Angel Pagan was a perfect fit for Citi Field. Instead, pitchers are getting signed left and right now. And where are the Mets? I think this goes back to Omar Minaya. He has to focus on one thing at a time. That’s fine, but there’s a reason why he has assistants. Let John Ricco find a pitcher, be it through trade or free agency. Ricco did a great job orchestrating the Francoeur trade.

It will be tough for this team to go into the season with just Johan and then Pelfrey, Perez, Maine, and Jon Niese.  FOUR question marks. 

For a team with a history of pitching, how can you even compare this staff to that of ’69, ’73, and even ’86?


Written By-Matt Grasso