Good Luck To Matthew Mayer of Defensive Indifference

Today Matthew Mayer of our own Defensive Indifference tried out for the the lead on the SNY tv show ” Kids Clubhouse” best wishes to Matt and good luck.

Ryan Cooke

***** Update by Matt Grasso*******

While Matt was trying out, he made a couple of tweets about the situation:


Also, while speaking to Matt, I was told the following:

  •  He took a 5:52 Train into Penn Station
  • He had to say an excerpt to Chris Carlin and Kevin Burkhardt that he had to memorize. He finished that perfectly and then they interviewed him.
  • The SNY lady told him to wait there, and he was then interviewed for Geico Sportsnight
  • He mentioned Defensive Indifference in one interview.


I am DVRing the 10:00 Sportsnight and if Matt makes the show I will attempt to post his segment on Defensive Indifference.

We will keep you updated.

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