If I were Omar Minaya

Well first off I wouldn’t use the word investigation about 14 ( yes I did count) times in one conference and in the same conference saying Adam Rubin ” Has lobby for front office”. In all seriousness I believe that the New York Mets are one offseason away from a title.
omar-minaya1.jpgThey have a very talented core of players with homegrown players like Wright and Reyes and some great acquired talent in Santana, Beltran and the newly introduced Jason Bay. They also have some players who are what every great team needs some very good, not great complimentary players like Jeff Francoeur and Luis Castillo (even though he dropped the pop-up). I believe that by the end of the offseason they will add 4 more solid complementary players in Joel Pinero, Bronson Arroyo, Carlos Delgado and John Smoltz ( just to stick it to the Braves). For this season i predict somewhere around 85-94 wins very solid but not eyepopping. I expect a MONSTER season for the Mets in the year 2011.

I think that the 2011 New York Mets will look something like

SS- Jose Reyes

2nd- Reese Havens

3rd Dwright

CF Carlos Beltran

LF Jason Bay

RF Frenchie

1b Ike Davis ( for those who know me know i have a BIG mancrush on Ike)

C- Bengie Molina

I think the Mets annual big signing for the year 2011 will be Matt Cain. Hate him or not the kid has nasty stuff. I seriously doubt the Giants will have money to retain him considering all of the money Zito is still due and Lincecum will be making in arbitration. With the Yankees with CC and AJ and the Bosox with Beckett ( will most likely resign ) Lester and Dice K I can’t see him going to either of them. I also think the Yankees and Red Sox will both be going after Mauer and Crawford with Mauer going to Beantown and Crawford to the Bronx. If the Mets sign Matt Cain and keep the core of players that they currently have, they could bring something Queens hasn’t seen in 25 years, a ring.


Ryan Cooke


Personally, I don’t like Matt Cain. I will never forgive him for beaning David Wright. OK, maybe the pitch wasn’t supposed to hit him, but HOW DARE HE tip his cap to booing fans at Citi Field (who may I point out, had just seen their future, their all star, their franchise, their last good healthy regular player, fall to the ground.)? Please, GM of 2011 (probobly John Ricco, Billy Beane, or someone else), DO NOT SIGN MATT CAIN! If you do, I can guarentee you that you will be in THIS writer’s Dog House.  (Although, I would like to see how him and Wright can co-exist.)





  1. qualls_for_president

    Ryan, I mean no offense whatsoever to you when I say this, but I think your hopes are quite high. To expect that the Mets will have this All-Star lineup in 2011 seems a bit unrealistic, considering we haven’t even got to the 2010 season yet. However, I will say that your break down of MLB stars and possibilities is phenominal. Keep up the good work bud.

    Check out my blog, too, bro!

  2. santanabonanza3157

    im just saying that I personally, dont like him.. I dont think he would do well in NY, I think he is Injury prone and i think fans wouldnt react well to him and he would have trouble adjusting the NY

  3. baseballzach@aol.com

    Grasso come on!!!! When Matt Cain is available he is gonna get alot of money. The guy is young a ndwill produce results if he was on our team he would be the 2 he has so much more sucsess and he has more upside then pelf

  4. baseballzach@aol.com

    the mets will not win the division this year as of now and i am a big time mets fan the phillies r much better than us they have more talented bats and they have a more depth pitching staff the mets need to go aqauire another effective starting pitcher then we r talking a shot at the wild card

  5. baseballzach@aol.com

    i like the site though very cool btw guys check out shovio.com where i host my online radio show
    “Z” Expert

  6. baseballzach@aol.com

    joe u r right just saying if the mets get cain no one will remember the wright beaming bc he will be putting up results

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