No No-No’s ?

         The New York Mets are historically known as a pitching first franchise so how is it possible that our Metropolitans have never thrown a No Hitter. Honestly this fact is pathetic our team has been around for exactly 40 years and not ONE NO HITTER??!!?? The Red Sox have had two in the past 4 years.


When you look at the names of some of the best pitchers to pitch for the Mets you would assume ( but you all know what assuming does ) that there would have been at least one No Hitter by now. We have had all-time great pitchers in Tom Seaver, Pedro Martinez, Jerry Koosman and Warren Sphan ( yes we did ). Even very solid pitchers like Al Leiter, Johan Santana and Jon Matlack. HONESTLY JONATHAN SANCHEZ THREW A NO HITTER.


I do believe that eventually they will throw a no hitter but it is agravating when you see pitchers like Jonathan sanchez throwing no hitters and we didn’t ever have Doc or Seaver toss one for us. I would love to see Santana throw one for the Mets next year but who knows?



Ryan Cooke 


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