All Decade Team

So mow that the 00’s or double o’s are over ( nobody has come up with a good name yet ) is finally over I thought i would give my input on what i thought the all decade team would be. This decade of Metropolitan baseball has been very interesting to say the least. From being on top of the world in 2000 and 2006 to heartbreak in 2007 and 2008 and to just awful seasons in 2003,2004 and most recently 2009. My team would look something like this.


SS Jose Reyes – You gotta love this guy in my opinion most exciting player in baseball and is always smiling.

2nd Fonzie-  One of the most underated players in the game at his time. Too bad for that bad back

3rd David Wright- Face of the franchise….. will end his career here ( i hope) with his number 5 hanging on the wall.

C Mike Piazza – My favorite player of all time. When i was little he was the MAN!!! I had like 5 Piazza shirts and in my first trip to Shea he hit a homer.

CF Carlos Beltran – Who were you expecting Timo?

1st Delago-  Who were you expecting Doug Meinkiewitctz ( i am fully aware that is probably wrong)

LF Cliffy- Great year in 05 never reached his potential because he was always hurt.

RF Shawn Green- OUCH






ughh Trachsel 



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